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Wind Dancer Mini Flag

The Wind Dancer Mini Flag is a great option for outdoor and indoor banner displays. It offers an adjustable display height and comes with a black hollow base, which can be filled with water or sand for increased stability. The display flag adjusts in height up to 8'3" and comes with single and double sided display options.

Black [WIND-MIN]

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- Adjustable hardware height up to 8'3"
- Flag is approximately 25.75" wide
- Hardware adjustable for various graphic heights
- Easy to position, erect and remove
- Single or double sided graphic option
- Hallow plastic base can be filled with water or sand
- Base can hold approximately 222 lbs or 2.22 cubic feet of sand

- Usage in adverse weather voids all warranties

*For applications below 40° Fahrenheit, please use sand in place of water.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Type Flag
Double Sided Capability Yes
Illuminated Display No
Assembled Dimensions 16.31"W x 56" - 100.32"H x 16.31"D
Hardware Only Weight 5 lbs
Shipping Dimensions Ships in:
1 x BOX (16"L x 16"H x 6"D)
1 x BOX (56"L x 4"H x 2"D)
Approximate Shipping Weight 3 lbs
*For more detailed information, reference the instructions and/or graphic template.
Setup Instructions IS_WindDancer-Mini.pdf
Graphic Templates GT_WindDancerMini_SingleSided.pdf GT_WindDancerMini_Dbl.pdf
CAD Files (*.3ds, *.dwg, Parasolid) CAD files not available