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S-Curve Formulate Master 2D Hanging Structure

Formulate® Master 2D S-Curve fabric hanging structures are made in the USA and combine state-of-the-art zipper pillowcase dye-sublimated stretch fabric coverings with superior quality, lightweight aluminum tube frames to provide unique design, functionality, and style. Various size options are available; cables are included. Stretch fabric graphics are hand-sewn and durable; liners are included.

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- Formulate Master 2D S-Curve hanging structures come in configurations with a 8', 10', 12', 14', 16', 18' or 20' width and a height of 2', 3', 4', 5' or 6'
- Shapes 12' wide and under are constructed with 30mm (1 1/8") tubes and push-button connectors for simple assembly
- Shapes 14' wide and over are constructed with 50mm (2") tubes and internal expanding spigot connectors for unmatched structural integrity
- Engineer certified (structural engineer certificate available upon request)
- Zippered pillowcase fabric graphic are available as either single-sided (with white or black backer), or double-sided
- All pillowcase graphics come standard with opaque liner
- Comes standard with hanging hardware, bags and heavy-duty shipping and storage box(es)
- S-Curve hanging structures can also be shipped in expandable rugged molded shipping cases (OCE; sold separately). S-Curves with a 14' - 16' width need a second box or OCE case, while larger ones ship in 3 boxes/cases.
- Collapses to a fraction of its size
- Easy to store and ship
- Quick to set up
- Shipping weight and dimensions vary by size. Please see instruction sheets for details.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Shape Rectangle
Dimensions 2D
Illuminated Display No
*For more detailed information, reference the instructions and/or graphic template.
Setup Instructions IS_SSB-0802.pdf IS_SSB-0803.pdf IS_SSB-0804.pdf IS_SSB-0805.pdf IS_SSB-0806.pdf IS_SSB-1002.pdf IS_SSB-1003.pdf IS_SSB-1004.pdf IS_SSB-1005.pdf IS_SSB-1006.pdf IS_SSB-1202.pdf IS_SSB-1203.pdf IS_SSB-1204.pdf IS_SSB-1205.pdf IS_SSB-1206.pdf IS_SSB-1402.pdf IS_SSB-1403.pdf IS_SSB-1404.pdf IS_SSB-1405.pdf IS_SSB-1406.pdf IS_SSB-1602.pdf IS_SSB-1603.pdf IS_SSB-1604.pdf IS_SSB-1605.pdf IS_SSB-1606.pdf IS_SSB-1802.pdf IS_SSB-1803.pdf IS_SSB-1804.pdf IS_SSB-1805.pdf IS_SSB-1806.pdf IS_SSB-2002.pdf IS_SSB-2003.pdf IS_SSB-2005.pdf IS_SSB-2004.pdf IS_SSB-2006.pdf
Graphic Templates GT_FMLT-SSB-0802.pdf GT_FMLT-SSB-0802_DBL.pdf GT_FMLT-SSB-0802_SNG.pdf GT_FMLT-SSB-0803.pdf GT_FMLT-SSB-0803_DBL.pdf GT_FMLT-SSB-0804.pdf GT_FMLT-SSB-0805.pdf GT_FMLT-SSB-0806.pdf GT_FMLT-SSB-1002.pdf GT_FMLT-SSB-1003.pdf GT_FMLT-SSB-1003_DBL.pdf GT_FMLT-SSB-1003_SNG.pdf GT_FMLT-SSB-1004.pdf GT_FMLT-SSB-1005.pdf GT_FMLT-SSB-1006.pdf GT_FMLT-SSB-1202.pdf GT_FMLT-SSB-1203.pdf GT_FMLT-SSB-1203_DBL.pdf GT_FMLT-SSB-1204.pdf GT_FMLT-SSB-1205.pdf GT_FMLT-SSB-1205_DBL.pdf GT_FMLT-SSB-1206.pdf GT_FMLT-SSB-1402.pdf GT_FMLT-SSB-1403.pdf GT_FMLT-SSB-1404.pdf GT_FMLT-SSB-1404_DBL.pdf GT_FMLT-SSB-1405.pdf GT_FMLT-SSB-1406.pdf GT_FMLT-SSB-1602.pdf GT_FMLT-SSB-1603.pdf GT_FMLT-SSB-1604.pdf GT_FMLT-SSB-1604_DBL.pdf GT_FMLT-SSB-1605.pdf GT_FMLT-SSB-1605_DBL.pdf GT_FMLT-SSB-1606.pdf GT_FMLT-SSB-1802.pdf GT_FMLT-SSB-1803.pdf GT_FMLT-SSB-1804.pdf GT_FMLT-SSB-1805.pdf GT_FMLT-SSB-1806.pdf GT_FMLT-SSB-2002.pdf GT_FMLT-SSB-2003.pdf GT_FMLT-SSB-2003_DBL.pdf GT_FMLT-SSB-2004.pdf GT_FMLT-SSB-2004_DBL.pdf GT_FMLT-SSB-2004_SNG.pdf GT_FMLT-SSB-2005.pdf GT_FMLT-SSB-2005_DBL.pdf GT_FMLT-SSB-2006.pdf
CAD Files (*.3ds, *.dwg, Parasolid)

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