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10' Inline Displays

10' Inline Rental Exhibit Kits

The Exhibitors' Handbook Rental 10' x 10' inline exhibit kits combine durable, sustainable hardware with state-of-the-art printed graphics to create displays that look fantastic!

There are a variety of different off-the-shelf 10' inline rental exhibit systems offered, including the Formulate® tube-based frame system, the Vector Frame™ extrusion-based geometric system, the Hybrid Pro™ Modular extrusion system, as well as the Orbital Express™ Truss system. Each frame system differs in assembly and construction; the related graphic applications also differ per system.

Each 10' x 10' inline rental kit is pre-built so the only time investment is in the design and printing of your graphics!

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Hybrid Pro 10ft Modular Backwall Kit 08

Create a commanding presence with the Hybrid Pro™ Modular Kit 08 10ft x 10ft display. Kit 08 includes a monitor mount and backwall counter with locking storage that provides added function and messaging opportunity to the display. The slotwall provides an area to hang lightweight items such as clothing, or to hang shelves for product display...

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