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Retractable banner stands, also called roll up banner stands, are the most popular style of banner stands available, and for good reason. They are quick and easy to set up, take down and ship, and are inexpensive when compared to other types of displays. Retractable banner stands are easily portable and can be moved around a display area for optimal set up and positioning. They neatly roll down into the casing of a base, protecting the graphic during transportation and storage.

These durable stands are available in multiple options. Premium, mid-range and economy retractable banner stands combine reliability, functionality and durability for an exceptional appearance. Retractable banner stand graphics are offered in vinyl, fabric or polyester materials. Choose from a variety of widths, heights and base colors. Retractable banner stands come in protective carry cases to increase both portability and length of use.

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Banner Stand Base Color
  1. Silver17
  2. Black2

Graphic Height Range
  1. 11'' - 18''6
  2. 29'' - 84''13
  3. 85'' and higher1
  4. Adjustable1

Graphic Width Range
  1. 8'' - 30''8
  2. 31'' - 40''7
  3. 41'' and wider2

Double Sided Capability
  1. Yes1
  2. No16

Quality Range
  1. Economy Product16Standard Product1

Hardware Warranty
  1. Lifetime Warranty361 year Warranty490 day Warranty18

  1. New Design1Product includes carry bag or case13Product can be recycled17

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Stellar Tabloid Retractable Banner Stand

The Stellar Tabloid is a lightweight, injection-molded white plastic tabletop retractable banner stand ideal for adding messaging to tabletop displays and exhibits without sacrificing valuable space. Stellar Tabloid measures 11.6"W x 17.75"H and provides big impact with unique styling.

17-18 of 18

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